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Safe Families for Children keeps Southern Indiana mother and child together, despite incarceration

Getting a positive pregnancy test is big news for anyone. Two weeks after finding out this news, Mindy was arrested.

Watch to find out how Safe Families kept Mindy and her infant together in the midst of crisis.

“We are Donors”

Join us in donating to the ministries of OCA

Dear Friend,

Let us tell you about Mindy and how her life was headed to a very dark place.  Addiction, jail and hopelessness were all Mindy could see.  What she didn’t know was that God had a different plan.  Mindy was in jail with a heroin addiction, facing some serious jail time, and pregnant with a child who was headed for the foster care system.   This story didn’t end as so many do, it ended well.

Orphan Care Alliance, equips Christians to care for the fatherless and to help families in crisis.  Mindy, through the work of several churches, heard about Jesus while in jail.  She slowly began to understand how much God loves her and that she was worthy of His love.   She also learned to trust Him to walk her through this family crisis.  God gave her that opportunity through OCA, supported by donors like you and us.

God opened a door to the OCA Safe Families program while she was in jail, and as she faced incredibly difficult choices regarding her unborn son.  Even though she was full of fear and anxiety, she trusted in the Lord and saw God’s love in action when the Neal family stepped up to embrace Mindy and her young son as a part of their own.

Mindy has her son back now and is out of jail.  She is sober.  She is working, and will have her own apartment at the beginning of this coming year, and even has plans to attend college.  What a remarkable story of redemption, trust and faith!

The only way this happens is if you support the OCA mission and the Biblical mandate to care for the fatherless.  Will you join our family in supporting the mission of OCA so we can help more of God’s children like Mindy and her son?  A monthly gift of  $30 or a one time blessing enables OCA to recruit more caring Christians so that we can add more redemption stories, like Mindy’s, to God’s work in this ministry.

 You don’t have to adopt or foster to help…you just have to be willing to say “Yes, I will help” and make your gift decision today.

Think about it…for less than a dollar a day, you can help another family like Mindy’s and show God’s love to many more who are hurting and in need.  It’s easy and takes less than five minutes

Mike & Cindy Hynes



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  1. Pastor James K Waiya January 5, 2016 3:37 am Reply

    Iam a pastor in Kenya.Iam seeking your assistance in starting an orphan ministry.I have been involved in this kind of ministry and I have assisted 6 children by seeking donors.These children have become now adults and now after completing their education are working so they no loner need sponsors.This time again I have 6 children who need education,food,clothings etc.Can you help me in this ministry.God bless you and let me hear from you.
    PS: I have photos of these children if you need them.

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