Together in the Trenches joins OCA ministry

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Together in the Trenches has come under the umbrella of Orphan Care Alliance!

To say we are thrilled is an understatement!  OCA provides the structure, heart, resources and wisdom that Together in the Trenches has been seeking.  They have graciously agreed to make us a part of their organization under “Family Support”.  Our mission and passions are aligned and those we minister to overlap!  We are so grateful for the additional resources our Trench mamas can be exposed to through OCA and we are looking forward to contributing our insights and strengths in return.  We haven’t only gained OCA’s expertise; we have gained friends in ministry!

Having said all that, there won’t be many noticeable changes to our ministry!  Our leadership team and community will remain mostly the same!


 Together in the Trenches is a ministry to all foster and adoptive moms.  We provide opportunities to be in community with one another.  The largest piece of the ministry has been our annual retreat!

It has come to our attention that our former tagline “Breathing Life into Weary Foster and Adoptive Moms” has kept women in certain seasons of the adoption or foster journey from joining us.  We want each and every mom to feel not only welcome, but a valued member of our community.  You don’t have to be in the middle of trauma to belong!!  Quite the opposite.  While being a SAFE and LOVING place for moms parenting kids from hard places has always been our deep desire, we always need and embrace women from other experiences.  We invite you to read our updated tagline & mission:

Together in the Trenches: A Loving Community of Moms from all seasons of the Adoption and Foster Journeys.

Together in the Trenches is a gospel-driven, non-profit ministry for moms in any season of adoption and/or foster care. As a loving community of women, we encourage and uphold each other in every stage of this journey.   From beautiful joys to real struggles, we are acquainted with the full picture of caring for God’s children.  Rejecting isolation and instead, intentionally living together as God has intended is our passion.

Our name is inspired by the knowledge that women need a safe place (the Trench) in the midst of our calling…even battle…to care for the fatherless and other children from hard places.  Moms also need each other (being Together) in order to find comfort, solace, wisdom and understanding in a journey that is foreign to the rest of the world.  In the Trench, some soldiers need care, some are medics, some are wise and seasoned and yet others are new and provide fresh zeal.  There is an irreplaceable role for us all as we follow Jesus.

Let’s all lock arms and walk Together in the Trenches. Thank you for taking the time to hear our news!  We look forward to the future….especially our 2017 retreat on October 13-14!

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