The IDEAL Response for Parents

Posted by Office Admin on March 03, 2013  /   Posted in Adoption Support, Foster Care, Parenting

Whether you have birth children, foster children, or adoptive children, parenting is challenging! It is tiring, incredibly repetitive, and has a way of quickly bringing us to the end of ourselves. Most parents will agree that one of biggest challenges of parenting is trying to determine how to respond when your child misbehaves.

When he throws a fit in the parking lot?

When she screams in defiance at you in the grocery store? 

Practically speaking, “When my child does this? What should I do?”

Recently, I came across a video by Dr. Karyn Purvis called, The IDEAL Response for Parents. It is a must watch for adoptive/foster parents and will prove helpful to anyone working with kids from hard places. She combines brain research with practical tools to help parents give the ideal response to a NOT so ideal situation. When it comes to disciples, Karyn gently points out that many of our default parenting habits are actually counter-productive to connecting and empowering our child.

One quick warning…this video is convicting! In a mere 7 minutes and 32 seconds, Karyn stomped walked all over my toes. Truthfully, I probably need to watch this clip several times a day until it becomes second nature to me.

As you watch, my prayer is that you would be encouraged and equipped to better parent your child.

Click here to watch the video



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