TBT Compassion Cup 2016

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Dr. Seuss once said, “as in golf, as in life, it is the follow through that makes the difference.”

Since 2015, Orphan Care Alliance has hosted an annual fundraiser. The Compassion Cup Golf Scramble serves as a way for people who care about our ministry to connect and show their support for the mission of OCA. In 2016, seventy-two golfers made up the eighteen teams who raised $19,058.59 to impact families and vulnerable children through OCA ministries!

The 2016 Golf Scramble honoring Bill Karem was a touching reunion for many of Bill’s family and friends and a great way to honor his legacy! Bill Karem was the grandfather of OCA Board member Brandon Karem. This year Brandon will step into a new role at OCA and lead OCA Pathways. Pathways will launch in 2018 as a cause based, nonprofit employment agency to provide a means of employment for Kentucky foster alumni and vulnerable families.

On Monday, we will launch the 2017 registration for sponsors and teams! Gather your team of four and spread the word for the third annual Compassion Cup Golf Scramble for the ministries of OCA.

Remembering Bill Karem

  1. Bill volunteered at the Home of Innocents.

  2. Bill and Margie were married for 53 years.

  3. Three of Bill’s most favorite things: children, golf and fishing.

  4. In 1999, Bill built a playhouse in their backyard for Margie.

  5. In 2015, Bill published a book, “Lahoud: An Immigrant’s Path to Power in America.”

  6. Bill Karem retired at 50 years old after being an executive at IBM for 35 years.

  7. Bill was the president of the Arthritis Foundation of Louisville.

  8. You knew Bill liked you if he teased you.

  9. Bill loved riddles, so riddle him this:

  10. You are going to play golf. You are wearing two pair of pants. Why are you wearing two pair of pants? A. In case you get a hole in one.

  11. In February, Bill gave each grandchild a tub or book of pictures that he had taken of him or her.

  12. Bill and Margie lived in his childhood home for over 40 years.

  13. Bill wasn’t regularly a gift-giving person, but on his 25th wedding anniversary he gave his bride 25 gifts.

  14. Bill was known as the ugly sweater man.

  15. Bill was a project person. He would build toys and picnic tables for his grandchildren.

  16. Whenever Bill’s family grew and he got another adopted grandchild, there was never a question of if they belonged in the family.

  17. Bill would golf with his adult friends once the grandchildren went to school because his favorite people – his grandchildren – were busy.

  18. Bill had four children, 9 grand children and 2 great-grandchildren.

  19. Bill’s family describes him as a near-perfect man.

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