Safe Families – Helping Families in Crisis

Posted by Heather Sewell on November 01, 2011  /   Posted in Ministry Updates, Safe Families

Who does Safe Families help?  Families in crisis are assisted.  An example would be Gina, a mom of three who struggles with chronic depression.  During a particularly difficult time, Gina was told about the Safe Families program.  A host family cared for her children while she was hospitalized to get her medications stabilized.  Gina is back home with her children and facing life without the darkness of depression.

What are the goals of the Safe Families for Children movement?  The first goal is that of child welfare deflection which is accomplished by providing a safe alternative to the child welfare system.  The second goal of the movement is child abuse/neglect prevention.   Providing a parent in crisis with a safe, temporary home for their child without the threat of losing custody can ward off potential abuse/neglect.  Providing family support and stabilization is the third and final goal of Safe Families.  Many struggling parents have limited social supports and unavailable extended family.  A large number of host families become that extended family these parents desperately need.

Why Safe Families for Children?  Our resources are vast.  Because all of our resources are volunteer-driven, there are no financial limitations to growth.  There is also a cost savings to society as a whole if we can avoid child abuse/neglect and restore family functioning.  The impact of Safe Families can be measured in decreased child welfare cases and decreased child abuse rates.  Child welfare agencies often can only intervene when a significant incident has occurred; that leaves a lot of children in vulnerable situations.  And finally, Safe Families raises the value of children in our society to include the reality that every child will have a safe place to live.

Join us in bringing the Safe Families for Children program to the Kentuckiana area!

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