Reward Programs

You can support OCA in easy ways without having to find a way to stretch your budget or shift your schedule. It’s as simple as signing up and participating in reward programs while you shop for groceries or purchase a last minute gift online.

KrogerCommunityRewardsIf you regularly shop at Kroger and have a Kroger Plus card, you can register for the Kroger Community Rewards program to support OCA. Every time you shop, a small percentage of money will be donated to OCA. Signing up for the Community Rewards Program will not interfere with your fuel points or other Kroger rewards. Don’t forget to scan your Kroger Plus card every time you shop! Register online at and choose OCA has your organization to donate to.

Our NPO number is 18488.



ThriventLogoThe Thrivent Choice charitable grant program engages Thrivent members and chapters in providing grants that support charitable activities. Members gain Thrivent Choice Dollars based on insurance premiums, contract values and volunteer leadership. Eligible members can direct their Choice Dollars to OCA. For more information, visit the Thrivent Choice page on is similar to an online shopping mall, but they donate a portion of purchases to nonprofit organizations. Once you sign up on, you can begin shopping online at more than 1,700 participating stores like you normally would. Sign up today for no cost and start shopping with OCA in mind!

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