Reflecting On and Entrusting the Baton of Leadership

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By: Beth Puricelli

This April, Sarah Cook passed the baton of leadership of OCA Families to Lisa Owen. While reflecting on her two years as OCA Families Director, Sarah shared with me, “It was always so inspiring to see the women we serve fight to keep their families together in spite of sometimes awful circumstances and to see their willingness to trust strangers to help them get from where they were to where they wanted to be.

“I will miss everything about Sarah Cook including her heart for these families, her ability to see the big picture, her gift to reason with the unreasonable, her 100% in attitude and her constant concern for others.” OCA Host Family Jodi Gorter said. “OCA Families volunteers are grateful for Sarah’s dedication, and we welcome Lisa Owen as the leader of our team.”

Lisa Owen serves as new OCA Families Director in Kentucky

Lisa brings the experience she has gained as the founder of three young parent programs. She has a heart for the single parents OCA Families serves. “Many of them haven’t come from ideal family situations, so it’s very difficult to figure out how to navigate struggles,” she states.

Lisa’s degree is in Sociology with a minor in Psychology from Oklahoma State University. Lisa has founded 3 young parent programs: Youth for Christ, A Woman’s Choice resource center, and OCA’s young mom program. Lisa has resided in Louisville for 24 years. Lisa and her husband, David, have two biological children and 5 adopted children. They are proud grandparents to five grandkids with one on the way. Lisa also has a mini pig named Atticus, which serves as therapy for their 8 year old.

Lisa is deeply passionate about the call of Christians to serve today’s widows and orphans, which in our society includes single moms. She explains how serving modern day widows and orphans can vary. “Maybe we’re not all called to be host families, but maybe we can provide respite care. Maybe we can provide financially, or mow someone’s yard who has just taken in children.” Lisa continued, “Biblically, it is not a suggestion to serve widows and orphans. It’s what we are supposed to do.”

Lisa shared her favorite part about joining the OCA team, “I love that every time I come to work it’s different. Yes, paperwork is there too, but being involved in people’s lives and helping them and walking with them through their struggles; that is important and what I enjoy most.” Lisa looks forward to growing OCA Families into other communities. “OCA Families could be a tremendous blessing to communities throughout the entire state of Kentucky.”

For more information about supporting and serving with OCA Families, visit Meet Lisa

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