Our History

Orphan Care Alliance was born through grassroots efforts, spearheaded by five families between two churches in 2005 under the name Louisville Orphan Care Initiative. The focus was financially enabling families to adopt by providing grants and loans because many families in the community felt called to adopt but were struggling to overcome the financial burden. During this time, an understanding of the needs of children in Kentucky began to become aware and the ministry was seeing opportunities to grow. Now, years later, with a network of agencies that span around he nation, volunteers representing several evangelical churches, we stand together as the Body of Christ, leading the way by caring for the fatherless.

In 2008, Darren and Stacia Washausen, a married couple with their own story of adoption, began serving together at this ministry. Little did they know, just three months later, they would move into leadership roles at the ministry. Darren became the Executive Director of OCA in 2008. They have seen the ministry grow from three active volunteers to a ministry that is spreading across the state as God moves the ministry to expand his kingdom.

The Fatherless

The Biblical term “fatherless” refers to children whose fathers had died.  OCA’s mission aims to reach a broader group of children who have lost their father or their entire family as a part of their daily lives.  It is the least of these whom we reach out to serve in southern Indiana and Kentucky.

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