Become an orphan Advocate today! After reading this, you may come to find that you, in fact, already are.

  • Raise awareness and educate your community that orphan care is not just about foster care or adoption.

  • Start an adoption fund and put it in your budget to help others who care for the fatherless.

  • Start a Bible study focused on orphan care initiatives in your local community.

  • Host your own events with an orphan care focus & celebrate when people you know take new steps toward caring for the fatherless.

IGNITE your personal world

  • Volunteer your time at a local shelter or ministry

  • Use your social media to spread awareness and education about orphan care

  • Budget money to support a local ministry

  • Plan to go on a domestic or foreign mission trip

  • Sponsor a child in need

  • Become a respite provider and start babysitting for foster parents

IGNITE your family’s fireplace

  • Host a Bible study focus on James 1:27

  • Have a movie night with friends and share an “orphan’s” meal

  • Night of worship & Prayer time with your close friends & family

  • Pray with your spouse & children about ways to engage the local community as a family.

  • Invite a foster or adopting family over for a fun game night with their kids and cook them a meal as they talk about their journey.

IGNITE your congregation

  • Talk to a key leader at your church

  • Identify passionate families to join you

  • Dream together about the strategy to impact your community and discuss your team’s passion within orphan care.

  • Develop a ministry proposal for your church leadership

  • Host a church-wide event to engage with the church

  • Watch God work

Here is the cool thing about our God! He desires children to have homes, our Creator God mandates us as Christians to care for the fatherless. You can find it in James 1:27


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