OCA partners with local ministry to provide adoptive mom retreat

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By: Darren Washausen

Orphan Care Alliance continually focuses on our mission to equip Christians and connect them to opportunities to serve the fatherless. In addition to equipping those who are called to serve, OCA has a family support ministry to walk with them on this journey.

Stacia, our director of family support, has been especially passionate about supporting moms who are called to foster and adopt. She’s had a vision of a moms retreat for several years, but the means to carry it out had not presented itself. However, late last year, someone with the same passion walked through our door and the concept of Together in the Trenches was born. Sponsor Graphic

Orphan Care Alliance is partnering with this group and sponsoring this event because we know the importance of equipping those who are taking on the challenges of caring for kids from hard places.

Why is a retreat like this so important? Many step out in faith and obedience to serve in this way. While many have biological children and in some cases may be empty nesters, you will likely find the parenting skills you have used in the past will not be effective with these vulnerable children. Many times, they are broken and do not respond as you expect. The challenge lies in learning to parent in an entirely different environment.

If you are a mom raising children from foster care or through adoption, we would encourage you to consider this retreat. It is here solely for you because of the compassion we have for the challenges of your journey.

If you are not a mom, we are asking that you consider supporting the moms who desperately need this spiritual rejuvenation and relaxation with other moms who are on the journey in the following ways:

  1. Pray for those who will be attending

  2. Pass this newsletter to those families serving in foster care and adoption

  3. Provide a scholarship to a mom who cannot afford the retreat,

  4. Pass this email to your church pastors who may know of families in need

100% of donations made will support a mom to attend the Together in the Trenches retreat.

In Christ we serve,

Darren Washausen

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