OCA helped uphold my family

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OCA Helped Uphold My Family from OCAKids on Vimeo.

Since 2008, OCA has been helping families bring children home with adoption matching grants and covenant loans. This year, 31 families have been given adoption financial assistance. Children have been adopted from China, Ethiopia, Haiti, Uganda and domestically.

 In 2016, 62 couples from the Salt River Trail region, Louisville, and Southern Indiana went through OCA’s Adoption Option Classes. Through these classes we help prepare them for the process of adoption, teach them what to expect financially, and help them form a strategy to afford adoption.

Generous donors make it possible for OCA to offer these trainings and financial assistance. While OCA is not an adoption agency, staff members are educated and keep up to date on each process and the financial implications as it pertains to adoption. Couples seek OCA for information and training about adoption options because OCA is a credible, unbiased source of information of all possibilities, not just ones offered by a selected agency.

“This education offered to families journeying toward adoption is crucial as couples prepare to care for a child from a hard place.” Adoption Support Director Heather Sewell said, “I always encourage them to seek community and education while they are in the waiting process of adoption. There are so many families who allow finances to overwhelm them during the waiting process instead of seeking tools to help them when they care for a child who may have experienced severe trauma.”

 OCA’s commitment to uphold families doesn’t stop when a family brings a child home. The need for post adoption support and community is met through OCA ministries as well. When the Raver family brought two girls home through a state foster care placement they quickly saw a gap in the foster care community and desired a Christian community who understood the struggles of caring for children who had experienced abuse or neglect.

Becky and Ty found the support they needed through a monthly OCA Connect group in their county. Click the video link to hear more about how OCA upheld the Raver family through their adoption and foster care journey.slider

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