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By: April Kelley

We just received word from Lifesong for Orphans that our family has been chosen to be blessed with a $3,500 matching grant from Orphan Care Alliance!  We are so grateful and humbled by the generosity of all involved!!  

When Rick and I began our adoption journey (again…) back in October of 2012, we prayed fervently to our God that He would grant us a child.  Specifically, a little girl in China.  We possessed great faith that He would bring this to pass.  And He did!  We were granted the desire of our hearts in December 2012, with the referral of Dang Qi Qi, whom we would later name Faith.  Her name comes from the faith that we held onto during those prayerful times of asking and persistence.

When we set out in faith to adopt, the cost of the adoption was the number one concern on our hearts.  We knew God was much bigger than any worldly monetary amount, but in our humanity, we experienced some anxiety nonetheless.

Moment by moment, we are watching Jehovah-Jireh provide for this adoption in all kinds of ways and we are so honored that He is allowing us to play a part in the unfolding of His story.  Our prayed-for daughters, Faith and Hope, are currently residing in Henan Province, China, and are both two years old.

Meet Hope:

Hope was born in the Leihe City Yancheng District People’s Hospital, in the Henan province of China. Her birth name is Dang Yi Han. It’s such a beautiful name!



She was born with a walnut sized sac on her lower back and was therefore abandoned in the hospital in which she was born.



She underwent the corrective surgery for her spina bifida just shortly after her abandonment and it was very successful.  She spent a month recuperating in the hospital and was then sent to the Luohe City SWI where she stayed for several months.  On October 13, 2011, she was moved to a foster home where she currently still resides.  Her foster mother and father love her very much.  Because of their excellent care and devotion, we know our little girl will grieve much once she is placed in our care.  We are praying that God gives us the words to speak and affection to give during those hard times.

Kelley_Dang Yi HanHope is a shy, quiet little girl, who loves to smile, is fond of singing, and gets along well with others.  She is a deep sleeper, does not like to be tickled, and loves to eat noodles, rice, and milk-based formula.




Meet Faith:


Faith is currently 21 months old and resides in the city of Kaifeng.  She lives at the Social Welfare Institute (aka orphanage) in that city.

She wakes up every morning at 7 a.m., naps for an hour around noon, and goes to bed at 8 p.m. each night.  She can walk and talk and is meeting all of the expected developmental milestones for her age.  This, in and of itself, is quite miraculous, as children that are institutionalized are typically one month behind for every three months that they have spent in the orphanage.  That means that Faith should really be presenting as a 14 month old, but she is only a couple of months behind in her development.  We again see God’s protective and sovereign hand moving in the midst of these circumstances.

FaithFaith’s favorite foods are rice-based formula, soft bread, little steamed buns, noodles, and mashed vegetables.

I can’t wait to introduce her to other foods and expand her very limited diet!  Her reports say that she is extroverted, lively and active, and that she especially loves to smile.  Her skin is fair, but her hair is very sparse and light.  This is probably due somewhat to the fact that she had brain surgery as an infant, and can probably be attributed also to a lack of nutrition in her diet.  She does not like to sit very much, and in fact, the only video we have of her, is of the nanny sitting her down and her having a fit about it!  We don’t think she has to worry too much about that once we get her home…there will be tons of ready and willing arms anxious to carry her around!


We can’t wait to hold them in our arms and begin to tell them of God’s great love that was bestowed upon them before the world began.  April Kelley and Family Blog

We know that we are one step closer to that dream due to the graciousness of Orphan Care Alliance and Lifesong for Orphans.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and appreciate your partnership with our family!!

If you and your family are considering answering God’s call on your life to adopt, let OCA help!

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