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By: Heather Sewell

As you continue to hear about the movement to keep families together and children in the homes of their biological families, be encouraged. Safe Families for Children has a rich history and the movement grows all around our nation. I hope today, you will be encouraged as you read these three stories of families and organizations who are leading this initiative in creative ways in their communities.

pray for dry shoes and feet - pray for sun - pray for our feet to carry on so we can finish our strong - we're both in pretty good spirits - so hope we can finish it out -

pray for dry shoes and feet – pray for sun – pray for our feet to carry on so we can finish our strong – we’re both in pretty good spirits – so hope we can finish it out –

Mark and Sarah Ellis are “Racing the Planet” to raise money for Safe Families for Children.

“The reason Mark and I felt led to Safe families for Children is because we a have a deep-rooted belief that a stable family is the foundation for growing and nurturing kids and healthy communities. We were both blessed to have been raised by Godly parents and in Christian community- very safe and positive environments. After having children of our own and experiencing how challenging it can be raising a family, we feel a strong compassion for families in crisis. Safe Families is a way we can truly help those people in need. “

Race Location: ICELAND Video
The goal: To raise $20,000 for their local Safe Families for Children program.
Follow their Progress HERE.
Safe Families for Children – South Carolina

Indiana Safe Families for Children chapter partners with Energizing Indiana.

Energizing Indiana is partnering with Safe Families for Children to offer FREE residential home energy assessments.  Energizing Indiana is a united effort by the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC), participating utilities and consumer organizations to offer comprehensive statewide energy efficiency programs.  These energy savings will put money back in your pocket, while creating jobs and improving the economy and environment for all Indiana residents.

Energizing Indiana Home Energy Assessments can help you raise your home’s performance, lower energy consumption, improve in-home air quality and increase your home’s value.

Sign up and Energizing Indiana will call to schedule your appointment.  When your home Energy Assessment is completed, the non-profit organization will receive $25 from Energizing Indiana!

Residential Home Energy Assessment Info.

Energy Savings Kit Info.

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To schedule your assessment, visit:

Please take a moment to check out this awesome opportunity to save some money on your energy costs and support Safe Families at the same time!

Click for more information about Safe Families – Central Indiana


Sioux Falls Women’s Magazine covered Safe Families in the August/September Issue. 

“Safe Families for Children is a national movement of compassion,
led by the Church, giving hopeto families.”

~ Judee Howard

Article By: Jill Funke

Under the most ideal circumstances, parenting can be a difficult journey. When substance abuse, serious illness, incarceration, or other concerning issues complicate the act of parenting, families can need help. Safe Families for Children, a ministry of Bethany Christian Services and The Ransom Church, strives to provide that help to families in the Sioux Falls Community.

“Safe Families for Children is a national movement of compassion, led by the Church, giving hope to families,” says Judee Howard, branch director for Bethany Christian Services of Eastern South Dakota. Howard says many families have
 relatives or friends who offer support in a crisis. For those who 
lack that safety net, Safe Families 
for Children mobilizes and equips 
church communities to provide
 support to families in crisis.

“Although they retain custody, parents can make the choice to voluntarily arrange for their child(ren) to stay with a host family from a church community while they take care of themselves for a temporary period of time,” says Virginia Strubbe, Safe Families for children coordinator for Bethany Christian Services of South Dakota.

In addition to the host family, Safe Families for Children can also involve a Ministry Lead/ Church Coordinator, Family Coach, Family Friends and a Secondary Host Family who can provide short term childcare services in support of the primary Host Family.

Read More from the Magazine HERE (page 20)

Click for more information about Bethany Christian Services, Safe Families

Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality. • Romans 12:13

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