May Safe Families Update

Posted by Heather Sewell on May 13, 2016  /   Posted in Safe Families

A few weeks ago, while working with a new mom, I picked up scabies from being in her apartment. If you don’t know what scabies are, I wouldn’t suggest googling it, especially while eating! To spare you the critter pictures, it is the equivalent of head lice but on your body. Awful right?

I was unwillingly forced into a 48 hour time out. I was so contagious that I literally couldn’t be around people. As aggravating as it was, the Lord really used those hours of isolation to reveal some things to me.

Ministry is messy

Saying yes to Jesus is going to take us into places we would never go on our own, and that comes with a cost. Daring to step into someone else’s story means we are going to be challenged, uncomfortable and even inconvenienced.

Deep cleaning is necessary

I had to deep clean my apartment, throw away all my linens and wash almost everything I owned multiple times. It was annoying, but necessary, to ensure I didn’t pass the bugs on to anyone else. Spiritually speaking, we need to be deep cleaning our souls. We’ve got to be willing to deal with the junk in our own hearts so that we don’t become toxic to those around us. What is the Lord trying to do in you so that He can work through you?

Rest is crucial

It’s okay to say no! It may seem selfish and not come natural to us, but if we are not taking time to breath, relax and get refreshed we will be no good to those we are serving.

As frustrating as it was for me to go through this, I would do it again in a second. You know why? It meant the world to that mom! We stepped in during a time when no one else would. We were able to be the hands of Jesus extended to her and her little family. It came with a cost, but it changed everything for her and that is worth it! Every. Single. Time. 

– Sarah Cook, Kentuckiana Safe Families for Children Director

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