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Posted by Heather Sewell on August 12, 2013  /   Posted in Volunteer Opportunities

By: Chris Crutchfield

A few days ago someone asked me if I was ready for school to start.   My response came in several parts:  “No, I am not ready for the hectic schedule that school brings to our home,” but “Yes, I have purchased all their school supplies and uniforms.”.

As we sat down to fill backpacks with all the necessary supplies for a high school student, I silently tallied the ‘cost’ of sending my boys to school.  When did it become the parent’s responsibility to supply the pencils, paper, and glue sticks?  I admit it has been awhile since I graduated high school, but I don’t recall bringing anything to school besides my cheerful attitude (age and time have probably altered the adjective chosen to express my attitude about school!).

Last week my family served on a local mission trip in Beattyville, KY where we helped hand out school supplies to families in need.  There were over 50 vendors/organizations represented at the event and the average time it took a family to make it through the ‘supply line’ was 3 hours!  Their perseverance reflected their need  (and appreciation) for every item they received. These items included backpacks, pencils, and a new pair of shoes.  The next day we helped a local church conduct a carnival giving the children a day of fun, a free lunch, and free haircuts.

You don’t have to drive 2 hours to Beattyville to find families struggling to get their children ‘ready’ for school.  The Louisville area has its own needs.  Fortunately, there are many organizations/communities collecting supplies to distribute to area students.  Below are just a few of the places looking to bless families by helping them to start school with the tools they need.

With the responsibility on the parents to supply even the most basic items for school, for many, a financial challenge has been added to that list.  In response to that challenge, a growing number of charities have started ‘Back To School’ drives to collect supplies for those who do not have room in their budgets for these items.

SOUTHEAST CHRISTIAN CHURCH:  Back to School Drive begins next week.  Members will be asked to pick up an empty bag as they exit church, shop for the suggested items, and place the filled bag behind their car the following weekend for collection.

LOCUST CREEK LADIES CLUB:  A Back to School Ice Cream Social is being held for the neighborhood children.  They are asked to bring basic school supplies in exchange for a cool treat!   These supplies will be donated to an elementary school in the Portland area.

NEIGHBORHOOD PLACE:  Partners with Jefferson County by holding numerous events around town that will be offering free backpacks filled with school supplies.  Please visit their website for dates and locations.


Every child should return to school equipped with the items they need for a successful learning experience.  Will you consider donating items to help these families in need?

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