Life Coaching

Often families stand alongside youth as they make their transition into adulthood and continue to discover who they are and who they want to be. But if you are an aging out foster youth, you don’t have the support that is critical to navigating young adulthood.

That’s where Life Coaches step in. Life Coaches are Christians that walk alongside an aging out foster youth or foster care alum, typically ages 12 – 21. Life Coaches help their mentee set goals as they teach basic life skills, personalized to the mentee’s needs. Often, life coaches are one of the only people that have invested in the lives’ of these youth without being paid, creating an excellent opportunity to display Christ-like love – freely given.

Become a Life Coach

  • Attend 6-hours of training on topics such as the foster care system, trauma, attachment difficulties and mentoring youth

  • Complete a background check (paid for by OCA)

  • Complete an interview with OCA staff member

  • Become matched to foster youth 

Life Coach Expectations

  • Meet with mentee one hour, once a week, for one year, initially outside the home

  • Share the love of Christ

  • Encourage the youth through the transition into adulthood

  • Keep OCA updated about goal setting and achievement with mentee

What Life Coaches Don’t Do

  • Financially support the young adult

  • Have the young adult live in their home

  • Become a parent to the young adult

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