Life Coaching: Encounter Night

Posted by Heather Sewell on February 20, 2014  /   Posted in Orphan Care

Each Wednesday night, Pastor Scully leads a discussion with a group of foster youth at Boys and Girls Haven. These are Scully’s accounts of each week. Please, be in prayer for each discussion and allow the Lord to lead you to serving in this ministry. 

By: Scully Thompson

We had 9 guys this week; all of them were fully engaged and asking questions. At one point, the conversation was led by the guys, and the volunteers were chiming in on various points when we could. They wanted to talk about their fears, which turned into a situation where the guys were encouraging one another and actually talking about how they can help each other. I talked about how many men have developed lifelong bonds in the midst of a battle or a war, that these men rely on and encourage each other, and help carry one another when they are wounded. I related it to the battle that each one of them is going through and how they can learn to lift each other up, talk about their problems and encourage one another. That seemed to really hit home. I want to pick back up on dealing with loss at our next session.

The Encounter group had several wins this week:

1.  They were all engaged and participated

2.  They all seem “hungry” for this type of interaction

3.  They all opened up and shared about the very vulnerable subject of fear. I’m not talking about the fear of spiders, heights, etc.  I’m talking about the fear of being homeless, getting in trouble, dying young, ending up in jail.

4.  They all wanted to make sure we were meeting again next week

5.  They all asked if we could get Bibles for them.

I am EXTREMELY EXCITED at the direction that this is going!

Please continue to pray for wisdom for the volunteers, and for this group of guys…I’m very proud of them!

I think that we are on to something big.

If you would like to get more involved with the Life Coaching ministry come to the body building event tonight at 6:30! 

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