Kentucky Governor Signs House Bill 420, for families

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“It’s supposed to be there to help people where they are. Government is there to facilitate our liberty, our freedom and our ability to do what we were created to do.” Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin


Group photo of Governor Matt Bevin signing the House Bill 420 at the Kentucky Capitol Building

Today was a big win for Kentucky families. The House Bill 420 was passed into law, when the Governor signed the bill today at the State Capitol at 11:30 a.m. This law allows parents or guardians to establish power of attorney temporarily to another family or individual for a short, set amount of time.


OCA Executive Director Darren Washausen, Jerry Miller, Governor and First Lady Bevin, Holt Family, and OCA Families for Children Director Sarah Cook proudly show off the signed House Bill 420

Much like the national program, OCA Families for Children, this law allows parents in crisis to focus on their personal situation, while their children stay with a safe family.

Thanks to House Bill 420, families who need a helping hand for a few weeks or months can receive one without the fear of their children becoming wards of the state. 

The bill allows parents to temporarily grant parental authority to someone else for a period of time; while they receive the help they need, their child will not become entangled in bureaucracy.

This presents a great opportunity to churches, community leaders, and family members to step up and be the hands and feet of Christ to those who need us the most. ‪#‎WeAreKY‬

Watch as Matt Bevin Encourages Church Leaders to Act

With the OCA Families ministry implemented by Orphan Care Alliance parents place their child into your home voluntarily. Children are not in the custody of the State. Parents are actively involved in their children’s lives and will develop a relationship with your family. Orphan Care Alliance staff actively works with other trained volunteers and the parents during this transition to identify steps to regain stability and be reunited with their children quickly and safely.


First Lady Glenna Bevin talks with Gloria Holt, a mother of a family preserved by OCA Families.

Here is the latest family helped by the OCA Families movement in Kentucky. If you know anyone who could benefit from this program, we would love to talk with them! Get involved as a volunteer today!


  1. Bessie Davis May 31, 2016 11:17 pm Reply

    KENTUCKY GOV. MATT BEVIN !!! My Granddaughter is trapped in Foster Care and Family “APPROVED” to get her out !!!! But 1 Supervisor says “NO” !!! (FLOYD COUNTY)…Where are you Gov. Matt Bevin for a innocent 11 year old girl…trapped for several years needing family that is waiting & wanting but trapped ….MADISON BROOKE SHEPPARD. PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!! A plea from family please help I have sent information to the Commissioner with no reply the above is a plea from my sister whose grand daughters were all three separated and two were force adopted last year in state of Ky one sibling is still in state care after families plea for her just recently and Floyd Co said NO they would rather keep her in stare Foster Care this is wrong please help

  2. Jini February 22, 2017 6:19 am Reply

    When does this take affect? Does this mean a child in care today can be removed to a frankly member or friend immediately?

    • Heather Sewell February 22, 2017 2:23 pm Reply

      OCA Families helps families in crisis, before abuse or neglect happens. So, typically, most of the families helped by HB420 do not have an open case with CPS and are looking for support for themselves and their children before the point of a CPS investigation. Feel free to call OCA to get more information, 502-498-4765

  3. Sophia Brumbalow July 14, 2017 6:25 pm Reply

    I am all for family, but what if you have them for 11 years and with no support. I have adopted one of my grandchildren and I have guardianship of the other one for 11 years. I don’t understand why you cut the care giving program. I raise two grandkids and live on 1100 a month. I can’t get food stamps because I work part time, I got hurt on my job about 6 years ago and now get my SSD, AND I CAN NOT GET ANYONE TO Answer me on why take from kids and give to people that won’t work. I keep my grandbabies out of the foster care but I have never got to take them on a vacation or do little this with them if I can pay all my bill To God be the Glory. Can someone say why they cut the caregiving program

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