KDF Fundraising Packet


KDF Race Registration REFUND! Raise a minimum of $400 and upon request, OCA will refund your registration fee up to $75!

  • Fundraise $200 within the month and you will be entered to win a $100 visa card. Valid in February.

  • Recruit runners in January and February and receive $20 per runner on a visa gift card.

  • Fundraise $400 in March and/or April for a $75 visa gift card.

  • Marathon Team Incentive: When the team raises $2,000, each member will receive $75 to spend at Fleet Feet Sports.

Talk to Your Favorite Business and Ask Them about Sponsorship!

Sponsorships range from $250 – $3,500! See the full details about sponsorships by clicking HERE.

Fundraising Letter Templates

OCA Ministry Overview

Donation Tracking for Runners PDF

We are so excited that you have decided to join Team OCA for your run in the upcoming KDF Marathon/MiniMarathon!

As part of joining our team, you will be campaigning to help fundraise for the ministries of OCA. To aid you in your fundraising journey, we have put together this useful packet.

Here is a Donation Tracking Form that must be filled out in its entirety for each donation you receive via check or cash. This allows OCA to send end of year contribution statements to all of our donors. It is also important to let your donors know that OCA is a 501(c)3 non-profit, so their donation is tax deductible. If your donor would like to remain anonymous, that is okay, but we still require collecting this data for our tracking purposes. We will not publish or share their donation information if they do not wish to be recognized for their contribution.

For donors who wish to contribute using a credit/debit card, please direct them to the OCA KDF website. There is a dropdown selection where they can elect which runner they would like to donate in honor of.

We encourage you to write personal thank you notes to these donors as they are donating to OCA on your behalf!

All donations will be turned into the OCA Office-

ATTN: Stacia Washausen

115 N. Watterson Trail, Suite 201,

Louisville, KY 40342

 Please note that checks become stale dated 30 days after their issue date. Please make sure that you turn your checks in before this date lapse. It is okay to turn in your donations in batches to avoid this issue or if you are uncomfortable keeping the cash donations. Each time you turn in a batch of donations, include your KDF- Donation Tracking Log, and we will be sure to equip you with additional copies as needed.

This will be helpful to you as you campaign to use as a tool to explain who we are and what we do. If anyone has additional questions, please direct them to our website or they can email us, and we will be happy to answer any additional questions they may have.

Again, thank you for choosing OCA as your charity of choice for the KDF Marathon/MiniMarathon for 2016! If you need personalized graphics or flyers, you can request those here.

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