Journey to Adoption: Russia

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By: Heather Sewell

“The path (to adoption) is not easy but the awareness amplifies your calling. God calls you and equips you to do more than you ever imagined you could; a common theme among many adoptive and foster families.”        -Darren Washausen, adoptive father


Upon hearing a story of homeless children stealing food in Brazil only to be shot by police, Darren and his wife Stacia began praying about their family’s journey to adoption in 2003.

As the leader of the family, Darren felt the conviction of the Biblical demand to fulfill God’s call on his life: to become an adoptive dad. Darren explains that the objective to adopt seems clear in the beginning, to add to your family. However, along the journey God reveals the “overwhelming needs of His children and you are crushed with the individual, unavoidable stories as your adoption moves forward.”

After exploring the various avenues to adoption, “I began researching countries and agencies…we chose the country first and agency second,” Stacia said.

The couple landed in agreement to adopt internationally.

Their journey led them to explore adoption from Russia. “We felt that, at the time, Russia had a pretty sound adoption process. We also liked the agency we chose because the founders of the agency were former Russian doctors.” Stacia said.

Which then led them to a 9-month-old boy in St. Petersburg. Two days after his first birthday, Darren and Stacia met Andrew. After holding close the photos and videos, nine months of waiting rewarded the family with a thirteen-month-old son.

More often than not, women have the burden of adoption and foster care, but to that, Darren speaks truth to men, who struggle with the idea:

“First, I would just ask that your first response be something other than “no”. Consider a mission trip to experience the life of orphaned children. Then decide if your concerns are selfish or that your calling isn’t adoption.”

The need proves great; over 13 million children around the world are without both sets of parents. All children are in God’s hands and He calls Christians to care for the orphan and widow. He would not call His people to such a task if He were not willing to equip them.

“But even if your calling isn’t adoption, is it orphan care? There are many ways to serve.” Darren said

“Give justice to the poor and the orphan;
uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute. Rescue the poor and helpless; deliver them from the grasp of evil people. Psalm 82:3,4


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