How We Support Adoptive Families and Ways You Can Too

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It seems like the moment one holiday is over, the next one is on display throughout stores a second later. Sometimes this even happens months in advance, especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and people are beginning to spend an excessive amount on flowers, jewelry, and expensive dinners, but not many are considering anyone other than their significant other.

How We Support Adoptive Families

The impact of adoption on a family can be an extreme adjustment. As with parenthood in general, there are many ups and downs and plenty of emotions to work through, which can be made more complicated depending on the age of the child adopted. Since February is the month of love, let’s take a moment to understand several ways that Orphan Care Alliance (OCA) loves on adoptive families and learn some simple ways that you can do the same.

How We Support Adoptive Families

OCA has four support groups throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana for adoptive families. Each group has a time of teaching, as well as a time of sharing. It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey, whether it’s pre-adoption or post-adoption, these groups are a great way to build community with a group that “gets it.” If you’re an adoptive family looking for support in your community, check out our calendar for details on these events.

Help, Hope, Heal is an annual conference that adoptive parents can attend to hear professionals speak on topics that may affect their family. OCA helps to equip adoptive parents to be the best they can be through the H3 conference and other individualized trainings. Read our blog on the 2017 conference here.

Together in the Trenches is a weekend retreat for adoptive and foster moms. The name of this retreat is inspired by the knowledge that women need a safe place (the Trench) in the midst of our calling, and sometimes battle, to care for the fatherless and other children who come from hard places. It’s a time of community and pampering and allows moms who are in the trenches to return home refreshed and ready to continue the journey.

Ways You Can Support Adoptive Families

So what can you do? Many times, adoptive families feel alone in their struggle. You can be the person to help a family feel supported by their community through so many impactful ways. Here are questions you can ask yourself if you know of an adoptive family:

  • Can you pick up a meal and deliver it to the family?
  • What about helping with some cleaning or lawn care?
  • Are you willing to take care of their children—possibly offering some respite time or even just a couple hours of babysitting?

The most important thing you can do for an adoptive family, or for that matter any family, is to pray! Pray for godly wisdom. Pray for peace in the chaos of adjusting to a new normal. And pray for their relationships so that strong bonds can form.

Everybody can do something.  What will you do to show love to adoptive families? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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