How Life Coaching Compelled Me to Donate

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My life has been impacted by OCA

…here is my story, and why I became a donor

Dear Friend,

As enthusiastic donors to Orphan Care Alliance, my wife, Rossana and I would like to ask you to invest a few minutes and look at the Good work that God is doing in and through OCA.

We know that the work God calls Orphan Care Alliance to do can be difficult.  Rarely does God ask any of us to do what is easy or convenient.  He does call us nonetheless.  When we answer His call, a God story happens.

What is happening at OCA is directed by God, but is enabled by the generous support of people like you.  Our prayer is that you will help bring many more stories like the Thompson family’s blessing to fruition.  OCA can’t do this work without our help!

You don’t necessarily have to adopt or foster to engender hope… you just have to be willing to say, “Yes, I will help” and make your decision to give today.

Will you join me in making a gift, so OCA can help more of God’s children?  A monthly gift of $14, $20, or $30 or a one-time blessing enables OCA to recruit Christians just like Scully to write another redemption story like Marvin’s.  If you are compelled to invest your time and talents, please contact us at: 502 498-4765.

Think about it…for less than a dollar a day, you can help another child like Marvin and show God’s love to many more who are hurting and in need.  It’s easy and takes less than five minutes.

The miracle and mystery of God is that He chooses to use people to accomplish His purposes.  We encourage you to click on the link below and respond to your call.

Please click here to donate now!

In Service to Christ,

Glen & Rossana White


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