Help, Hope, Heal Conference

When you care for kids from hard places, we are here to help!

This conference is designed to equip anyone working with children who have experienced loss, separation, and hardship. We will explore the areas of growth many children lack, but it won’t stop there. You will be encouraged and equipped with tools to take back and apply to daily life.

We welcome local professionals, trauma and attachment experts and pastors to lead breakout sessions that will specifically pinpoint issues that you may be facing. Children who have emotional and/or behavioral challenges or have experienced trauma need more than a loving parent, they need an equipped community that cares about them. If families, teachers, therapists and others who care deeply for children partner together, the benefits could be great. This conference will help you better understand ways to address the needs a “child from hard places” may have, and connect you to resources to serve families and children in your area of influence.

Kentucky foster parents will be eligible to receive up to 4 hours of training hours, just by attending this conference!

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