Foster Parent Spotlight- The Brown Family

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“I’m convinced we didn’t rescue a little girl from her situation as much as a little girl rescued us from ours. She pulled back the veil of the world around us and showed us a broken side of it we had all but isolated ourselves from. She pulled back the veil of our hearts as well and showed us the same.” – Jason Johnson.

Joy, with one of her daughters- Kali.

Q: What led you to becoming a foster parent?

I was single, with no children, mid 30s and was ready to be a mom.  I could not afford domestic or international adoption, so I started the foster process.

Q: How many placements have you had?

I have had 5 placements.

Q: How long has your home been open to placements?

9 years

Q: What advice would you give to Christians who aren’t in a season to foster to encourage them to support the foster parents at their church?

There are so many ways to simply support others who are fostering/adopting.  Be a parent mentor to a foster parent who has never had a child, teach them the little stuff. Help with respite, fix a dinner for the family with a new placement or maybe just call and say, I’m praying for you. Little things go a long way.

Q: If you have biological children in your home, how does having foster children impact your home? 

I have no bio children.  Having foster children has given me the greatest gift of becoming a mom.  During my first placement, myself and a friend helped grow an adoption support group at church.  Over the past 6 years, I have seen so many forever families join together and it’s wonderful.  Growing in knowledge that we are all orphans and have an ultimate father who has taken us in though grace and forgiveness.  He gives us faith of tomorrow, whether on earth or with Him.  How wonderful to share that faith with a child who has lost hope or with families who struggle hope of being a parent due to infertility.    True joy is watching hope happen though loving a sweet child even if for a season.

Though I’m not a momma yet, and I have no clue how much hard work goes into raising kiddos, I do know that I have gotten to hear some stories of amazing people and see a glimpse of the journey God is taking them on through adoption, foster care, and volunteering with OCA. I’ve heard some stories of broken people that just want to be used and molded by the Lord. It amazes me to look at HIS faithfulness when His people are humble and willing enough to lay down their lives to care for the fatherless.

This is our last blog over Foster Parent Spotlight for the month. We hope that through these stories your heart was encouraged and you get to see Christ throughout this ministry.

If you are interested in getting more information on how you can make an impact for His kingdom through OCA you can call our office at 502 498 4765 or email Haley at

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