Foster Parent Devotional: Psalm 44:3

Posted by Heather Sewell on July 23, 2013  /   Posted in Parenting


They called her the baby that never smiled.

She came to us at eight months old with allergies and rash all over her body. We began the process of assessing her needs, taking her to the doctor, and loving her. A month later, she was a different baby who never stopped smiling. She captures the heart of anyone who walks into the room.

God wants to do the same in your life. God loved the Israelites so much that he used His power and strength to defeat godless nations for a people he called his own.

“I am often amazed at how easily our foster babies take to us. I expect them to cry the first few days that we have them, but they just watch us and wait to see what we have to offer.”

When they experience our love, they quickly love us right back.

Jesus said we should come to him as little children. Come willing to accept his love and trust him with your life. He will turn you into a child who always smiles.

-Devotion 145, NCV, Becoming who you are in Christ.

Psalm 44:3 It wasn’t their sword that took the land. It wasn’t their power that gave them victory. But it was your great power and strength. You were with them because you loved them

By: Heather Sewell

How will you allow Christ to come into your home and love your family? He waits for you to respond to His calling. So many children are crying and waiting for help, children in your community and all over the world. Just as Jesus rescued you from the darkness of your own sin, won’t you respond and step out in faith and serve the innocent who so desperately need a friend, family, and most importantly, a Heavenly Father. Be their answer to prayer, as they so desperately need help.


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