Farming and Safe Harbor: The Harvest Is Plenty

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My family and I are blessed to live on a little farm here in Kentucky and each year we look forward to spring, a time of new beginnings! This time of year is always very busy on the farm digging up weeds, preparing the soil for planting, and getting those young seedlings started.

It can be a lot of work, it’s very messy, and often it can be challenging with unexpected storms and colds snaps, but come harvest time it is so worth it!

Farming and Safe Harbor: The Harvest Is Plenty

The Harvest Is Plenty

As I was reflecting on my life on the farm, I couldn’t help but realize how much it is like what our Safe Harbor volunteers do each year. They minister to hurting families to help them get a fresh start, a new beginning. These families are often burdened by the weeds from their past that are choking their hopes for a better future. Safe Harbor Care Teams work diligently with these families to help prepare them to overcome life’s challenges and sow seeds of faith into their lives.

Care Teams made up of trained Safe Harbor volunteers lovingly enter into these situations with these families. They provide them with support, guidance, and Christian friendship. Care Families take in and nurture the children of these families, which gives the parents the opportunity to focus on finding solutions for their current situation.

Care Coaches work alongside the parents to develop a plan to help them grow and overcome their challenges. The Care Plan Manager helps to cultivate relationships and build communities around these families. Just like life on the farm, it can at times be messy and difficult work with obstacles to overcome, but oh how sweet the harvest!

Then he said to his disciples, “the harvest is plenty but the workers are few” Matthew 9:37

If you would like to know more about our Volunteer opportunities and upcoming trainings for Safe Harbor, keep an eye on our website. Stay tuned to our blog as well over the next few weeks as we will be sharing the story of a SAfe Harbor family and the Care Family who serves them. We hope it will not only provide insight into the need for Safe Harbor but also a glimpse of the life-changing beauty of families serving families.

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