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“Jubilee Academy equips students spiritually, academically, socially, physically, and emotionally, to live with a Biblical worldview, so that they may impact the culture for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Jubilee Academy staff teaches their students from more than just an academic perspective. “We look at the entire person, so we educate students in a way that addresses them as a whole, not just in one part. Academics must be done with excellence, but we can be creative about how we address them. We blend traditional and progressive forms of learning. We begin with Biblical instruction and integrate that teaching throughout the day. We include traditional disciplines, such as phonics, math facts, spelling, and cursive. However, sometimes we approach those subjects in non-traditional ways. For example, we may incorporate movement into math facts memorization or have students write spelling words in sand,” Heather Walton, Jubilee Academy Founder said.

The Oldham county K-12 private academy was founded by a certified special education teacher who wanted her sons to benefit from a Christian education. She started advertising her idea and the school was founded. The first year, Walton taught full-time and carried out God’s vision to lead 20 students.

Jubilee Academy Students from OCAKids on Vimeo.

Currently, Jubilee is the only Christian school in Oldham County. It boasts small class sizes (average 12 students per class) and loving teachers who see Jubilee as more than a job…it’s a ministry.

“I named the school Jubilee Academy because, in the Old Testament times, the year of the Jubilee (every 50 years) was a time when all things were made equal, slaves were freed, and people got their property back. At Jubilee Academy, we strive to provide an education that frees students and their families from a “cookie-cutter” education. We look at each student as an individual, with individual strengths and areas for growth. We try to maximize each child’s potential while remediating weaknesses.” Walton said.

Teachers play a vital role to help students grow into their best for God. “We have the ability to make accommodations as we need to to find the niche that they’re made to fit into, not a niche that a traditional school system would force them into,” Lindsey Tichenor, parent and teacher said.

Jubilee Academy Teachers from OCAKids on Vimeo.

With small class sizes and opportunities for daily movement breaks and recess through 8th grade, Jubilee is a school equipped for kids from all backgrounds. Britney Chumney, Jubilee Academy teacher said that the school is not specifically for students with special educational needs, but there are students who attend who are able to learn better in the Jubilee classroom setting. Teachers focus on individualized care for each child in their classroom, and parents can send their children to Jubilee with confidence knowing that they will be taught holistically and from a Biblical worldview.

If you are looking for more information about Jubilee Academy and would like to learn more contact the school today! Attend an info meeting or call to set up a tour of the campus, which is located at the Kavanaugh Retreat Center in Crestwood, Kent.

The Jubilee Academy Difference! from OCAKids on Vimeo.

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