Day 5-11 : Preparing for Orphan Sunday

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slide-favela-kidsEach Monday we will post a 7 day guide with meditational verses and prayers for each day leading up to Orphan Sunday, November 3.

Day 5 – Monday

The Stain of Slavery


Psalms 10:17-18


Lord, heal class discrimination and objectification of others in Brazil. We pray for every child trapped in poverty, for every little girl valued only as a sex object, and for every little boy made to feel worthless because of his skin color. Give each of them the promise of life beyond what they have known, the assurance of your presence, and the hope of eternity.


Day 6 – Tuesday

A Dark Secret


Psalms 10:14-15


Father, we pray for precious children abused in their won homes. Heal those rescued as only you can. Make your love a reality to them. Restore their innocence.


Day 7 – Wednesday



Proverbs 22:6


In Brazil, Hope Unlimited has opened a preschool, Nave Mae. While giving children a head-start in school, they also work to change the attitudes of the parents to enroll their children.


Father, thank you for the Nave Mae preschool, for the children there, and for the changes Hope Unlimited brings about in their lives. Bless them, their parents, and the teachers who daily share the love of Christ with them.


Day 8 – Thursday

Caring about Consent


Deuteronomy 10:12-18


Father, call the nation of Brazil to repentance. Help those who formulate the laws to understnad that childhood should be a time of protection, and move them to protect the rights of the young girls and boys and give them a chance to be children.


Day 9 – Friday



Matthew 18:5


Father, we know being taken from a a home, even a very abusive one, or being removed from the streets, when that is the only home they have ever known, is frightening. Please help them see their move as a new beginning. May their futures be bright with Your promise.


Day 10 – Saturday

A Cultural Current


Jeremiah 29:11


Lord, thank you for places where the lives of children are molded and shaped into godly vessels. Bless the student leaders as they change the lives of their brothers, sisters, and friends by example.


Day 11 – Sunday

A Father’s Love


John 10:27-30


We pray today for those who do not yet know what it means to experience a father’s love. Let these precious children experience your warm embrace.


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