Darren’s Corner: October 2013

Posted by Heather Sewell on October 30, 2013  /   Posted in Darren's Corner, Ministry Updates, Newsletters

As we approach Orphan Sunday this weekend, it is appropriate to recognize one of the major efforts of Orphan Care Alliance… advocating for the fatherless.  OCA is out in our community, meeting with churches to raise awareness for orphans.  Admittedly, many churches are aware of the orphans in 3rd world countries.  They recognize adoption as a way to connect children to a loving family.  But many are taken back when they realize that many children here in our own country face similar challenges.

Within a few miles of your home or church, there are children living in an institutional setting, parents struggling to provide for their children, and grandparents doing their best to care for their grandchildren on a fixed income.  Orphan Care Alliance is working to connect the resources of your church to the needs of these children.

OCA is ready to join with your church in your calling to serve the fatherless.

We will provide many of the basic components for orphan ministry and can involve a large cross section of a congregation.  If your church already has an orphan care ministry, we applaud you!  OCA will serve to supplement what you already have.

For pastors who already have much on their plates, OCA tries to minimize any burden to you and your staff.  We work with lay people in your church with a heart for the fatherless and keep it simple for you.

Many times I see groups being actively inactive.  What?  Yes, I see many people busy over analyzing, over protecting, and over planning all which can result in little action.  I urge you to take a step in faith and let God lead the way.  I am sure God appreciates all your efforts, but after all, He is the one with the playbook.  He is the one making connections.   So, I urge you to consider some simple steps and see where God leads you.  Here are some ideas:

  • Hold an Orphan Sunday event.  November 3rd would have been great, but any Sunday works
  • Invite OCA to advocate in your lobby or atrium after church services
  • Talk to OCA about showing a movie that educates your congregation on the needs in our community and around the world
  • Hold a goods drive for the OCA Care Closet to support children in need here in our communities
  • Bring the Shining Star Gallery of kids waiting for families to your church

These are just a few ways to get started.

If you feel called to engage your family or your church, please call Orphan Care Alliance and ask for Heather Sewell, our advocacy coordinator.  We are here to equip and connect you to serve the fatherless.

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