Creating A Path for the Vulnerable

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By: Brandon Karem

More often than not when I’m discussing orphan care, the comparisons drawn are that orphan care equals adoption or fostering. While we praise God every day for those who step up and take on those roles, there are many other opportunities to care for the fatherless in a less permanent way and still have a huge impact on the life of another!

At OCA, we are always brainstorming new strategies for the body of Christ to lead the efforts in caring for the fatherless.  Most recently, we introduced OCA Gateway as a way to deliver tangible goods or services to those who need it most.  The latest idea we are developing is called OCA Pathways and it is an employment agency servicing those aging out of the foster care system and members of vulnerable families who are in danger of losing their children to state care.

OCA Pathways serves these individuals in unique ways that are much different than traditional employment agencies.  We will offer training in basic job skills and knowledge, financial training to establish a firm foundation for managing money and career specific mentoring where we partner each individual with a career coach who is already working in the related field. We will tackle the biggest obstacles that many job seekers face which are housing, transportation and child care.  We will overcome these obstacles with individualized programs utilizing a hand up approach until they are able to prevail in these areas on their own. We will continue to offer this support and training even after they are hired to ensure that they are firmly planted in their new career home.

No matter who you are or where you’ve come from there is a spark in each of us that makes us want to better ourselves. Will you help ignite this spark? We need willing businesses to partner with and offer these individuals a chance to showcase their abilities. We need volunteers to give their time to mentor as career coaches and we are looking for a full time employee to help us continue to develop and implement the details and processes of the program.

 We have the opportunity to meet amazing people who have lived through some of the most challenging and emotionally painful experiences you could ever imagine. They need someone to walk with them, love them and genuinely care for them…they need you!  Will you take this charge and help in changing the trajectory of someone’s life today?  OCA Pathways – making a difference in our community, one career placement at a time.

You can help OCA to serve more vulnerable families and children through its ministries with a one time or monthly donation by Clicking Here.

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