When a Church says, “Yes”

Posted by Heather Sewell on November 02, 2017  /   Posted in Foster Care

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One Question from a Pastor Changed Things for Hundreds in Foster Care

When Bishop Aaron Blake, a pastor and foster/adoptive father, left his breakfast table for church on the second Sunday in November of 2004, he had a sermon prepared … and it wasn’t about foster care:

“I had prepared a sermon to preach that morning that I had worked on all week. I stood up to bring the message when the breakfast table image of our boys came back to my mind. The faces of our sons seemed to multiply in my emotions as I recalled the image from the breakfast table earlier. I knew then that God was prompting our church to answer the call to care for children and broken families.”

Without explanation, Bishop Blake said to his congregation, “Brothers and sisters, there are about 30,000 children in the foster care system in Texas and nearly a half a million in the U. S.”

He then asked this one simple question (and he wasn’t expecting a verbal answer):

“Who will stand with me to defend, care, and support abused, abandon, and neglected children in our community?”

After a brief moment of silence, one lady in the back of the church stood up and simply replied,

“Pastor … I will.”

Like a tiny smoldering ember dropped in a pile of thirsty pine needles, her voice began to multiply. To his amazement, Bishop Blake watched as one family after another stood up and joined their voices to hers. As a result of that day, this church and the surrounding community has cared for and adopted hundreds of children in foster care over the last 12 years. In fact, their county actually has more than enough foster families to meet the need there.

If you would like to make a difference in the life of a child or youth in Kentucky or southern Indiana, check out the ministries of OCA and see how you can make a difference today.

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  1. Claudette Rudolp November 2, 2017 10:56 pm Reply

    I began fostering 2 years ago after the death of my husband. At age 68, I was financially secure and happy in my small 3 bedroom ranch but, the silence was deafening, especially at night. My sister has done foster care for about the past 18 years. I told her I was considering becoming a foster parent and needed to know who to contact. I completed the training and two months later I took in two boys ages 8 and 6. they had 2 siblings placed in another home. Things didn’t go well between the older boy and I so and he went to the foster home where the other two siblings lived.and his 3 year old sister cane to live with me. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve in this ministry. I’ve received love and companionship in exchange for giving these kids a safe place to live, warm meals and a clean bed to sleep. It’s not all been easy but I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

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