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Goodpaster Family Adoption Journey Reveals True Community

Posted by Heather Sewell on December 07, 2017  /   Posted in Adoption, Family Support

Written by: Heather Sewell Twenty-three percent of practicing Christians prefer to have biological children rather than adopt, according to a 2013 Frames study by the Barna Group. This was the story of Nathan and Jessica Goodpaster. When their son turned three, they began opening the discussion of having another child. As the months passed and

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Family Preservation Efforts, Orphan Sunday 2017

Posted by Heather Sewell on November 16, 2017  /   Posted in Advocacy, Family Support, OCA Gateway, Volunteer Opportunities

Written By: Heather Sewell Since March 2017, Jefferson county volunteers have been on the front lines preventing fatherlessness through OCA Gateway. Nearly 40 needs have been met for Louisville families. This year, a volunteer provided a washer and dryer for a single mom who had been washing her family’s clothes in the bathtub. Another volunteer

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Donna Giovenco to speak at OCA Connect

Posted by Heather Sewell on November 01, 2017  /   Posted in Family Support

Next Tuesday at our OCA Connect meeting we will be learning together about food issues related to foster/adoptive families.  At our past meetings, it seems like this topic has come up a lot with a spectrum of specific challenges being mentioned.  We will have a short video presentation followed by a presentation by Donna Giovenco

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State Farm Office Stands with H3

Posted by Heather Sewell on October 13, 2017  /   Posted in Events, Family Support

Local State Farm agent Jennifer Brown launched her office this year on September 1, in Crestwood, KY. Her first order of business, give back to the community. “I am very passionate about the cause that the Orphan Care Alliance represents and supports. Caring for kids from hard places couldn’t hit closer to home for me, having

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Mully – Pre Purchase Tickets

Posted by Heather Sewell on September 28, 2017  /   Posted in Adoption, Adoption Support, Family Support

Focus on the Family is proud to sponsor the Mully movie, coming to select theaters nationwide October 3rd, 4th & 5th! This powerful new documentary tells the story of Charles Mully, a modern day hero in Kenya who responded to God’s call, and rescued thousands of orphans in his midst! We believe his story will inspire thousands to

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Let us Lift you up this Fall

Posted by Heather Sewell on September 21, 2017  /   Posted in Events, Family Support

Learn to connect with kids from hard places and enjoy a day of encouragement and healing. This local conference gives our community resources, encouragement and life-giving breakout sessions! The best news, it’s only $5 per person until October 1st and then registration increases to $10!! Breakfast and lunch will be provided. What is the HELP, HOPE,

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