Serving families in unexpected ways

Posted by Office Admin on November 22, 2017  /   Posted in Advocacy, Safe Harbor

After hearing about the Safe Harbor ministry, Barry and Jodi Gorter, along with their three kids, decided to join our network of Care Families to provide a safe place for vulnerable families and their children, in Louisville. “Our hearts were just burdened by these children, so we just wanted to step in where we could

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Family Preservation Efforts, Orphan Sunday 2017

Posted by Heather Sewell on November 16, 2017  /   Posted in Advocacy, Family Support, OCA Gateway, Volunteer Opportunities

Written By: Heather Sewell Since March 2017, Jefferson county volunteers have been on the front lines preventing fatherlessness through OCA Gateway. Nearly 40 needs have been met for Louisville families. This year, a volunteer provided a washer and dryer for a single mom who had been washing her family’s clothes in the bathtub. Another volunteer

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Self-Care: A Critical Component of Persevering

Posted by Heather Sewell on August 17, 2017  /   Posted in Advocacy, Family Support

By: Amy L. Denley, Psy.D. By and large, most adoptive parents I have met are remarkable people. They are committed to causes bigger than themselves and are courageous and generous about investing themselves in the lives of others. But sometime this “outward focus” can leave adoptive parents little time for self-care. Their own emotional, spiritual and physical needs may be

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The Moment I Started to Self-Care

Posted by Heather Sewell on August 03, 2017  /   Posted in Advocacy

By: Heather Sewell I never realize the need to slow down until I get sick. Like, physically drained. My husband always jokes and tells people that he is married to a machine. But, when enough is enough – I crash. Hard. In bed for an entire weekend – but that was before becoming a mother.

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Equipping the Church to Care for Kids from Hard Places

Posted by Heather Sewell on June 22, 2017  /   Posted in Advocacy, Churches, Ministry Updates, Parenting

By: Haley Hisle Those who provide care within a school and church setting spend a lot of time with children and adolescents and can have a profound influence. These people volunteer in many different roles to help look after children while a parent is in a small group or church service. Heather Sewell, Ministry Development

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Foster Parent Spotlight- Jason & Nikole Skaggs

Posted by Office Admin on May 11, 2017  /   Posted in Adoption, Advocacy, Foster Care

By: Haley Hisle, OCA Marketing Coordinator According to ABCNews, approximately 800,000 children every year come in contact with the foster care system. On average, children stay in the foster care system for nearly three years before being reunited with their families or being adopted. Imagine, 3 years of a child’s life without having consistent support

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