Caring for Kids from Hard Places

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March 2013

As the Body of Christ has stepped up in our obedience to care for the fatherless in our world, we are also growing in the understanding of being equipped for the day-to-day relationships of these commitments.

Many of the children that we are called to care for through Life Coaching, Safe Families, foster care and adoption are considered children from hard places. Orphan Care Alliance has a mission to equip you to provide loving care for the fatherless.

Who are children from hard places? While there is no formal definition, if you Google it, you can find plenty of descriptions. I would summarize it as children who have suffered abuse, neglect and/or trauma. Another term used is “at risk” children. The majority of behaviors for these children are established in the first two years of life from conception to 1 year old.

So on the outside, these kids can appear as disobedient, defiant, disrespectful and sometimes dangerous. But in reality, they are emotionally underdeveloped, feel the need to use basic self-protection responses, are hiding deep hurt, and need to be given a voice.

Admittedly, I have a personal journey and passion for equipping Christians. In my journey, God has revealed to me that many walk away from this path of caring for the fatherless due to fear of the unknown. But education, understanding, and compassion can replace fear with love and joy.

This November, Orphan Care Alliance will launch the H3 conference-Help, Hope and Healing: Caring for Kids from Hard Places. I challenge you to come and learn more from national and regional professionals about how to care for these children. Then, I pray that with your sword sharpened, you will engage in this ministry through Life Coaching, Safe Families, foster care or adoption. 

Darren Washausen
Executive Director
Orphan Care Alliance 


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