Adoptive Mother’s Retreat to breathe life into weary foster and adoptive mothers

Posted by Heather Sewell on March 24, 2015  /   Posted in Family Support

Contact: Ashley Wells
Company: Together in the Trenches

postcardTogether in the Trenches Invites All Foster and Adoptive Moms to Their Upcoming Faith-based Retreat on May 22-23 in Henryville, IN

Together in the Trenches proudly invites all foster and adoptive moms to their upcoming faith-based retreat on May 22-23 that will be held in Henryville, IN. Registration is now opened for this special event sponsored by Orphan Care Alliance with only 100 spots available.

Together in the Trenches is not a conference. Instead, it is a gathering where attendees will get the chance to stop for a while, take a deep breath and rest their tired minds and bodies. The primary sessions of this gathering will focus on spiritual encouragement done through worship and through the assistance of the speaker. After revitalizing the soul, mothers can also enjoy rest, have fun and get pampered.

According to the speaker Megan Terry, “Parenting is so tough. Add in a few children with traumatic backgrounds and moms can quickly find themselves drowning…Drowning in what ifs, drowning in isolation, and drowning in the day to day that is caring for wounded children. Together in the Trenches brings all these women together to encourage one another. There is so much power and freedom in being vulnerable with other women walking the same road with their foster and adopted children. Moms need a safe space to share, vent and listen to other moms. Together in the Trenches is so necessary to helping moms be at their best so they can carry on the brutal and beautiful work of healing little hearts.”

Through this one of a kind event, every weary adoptive and foster moms can find a great opportunity and resource where they can have a safe and secure place to rest. This is also expected to give them encouragement as they mingle with other foster and adoptive mothers like themselves.

Together in the Trenches is composed of three Louisville adoptive and foster moms that is led by Ashley Wells, a Louisville author. Henryville, IN where the retreat will be held is around 30 minutes away from downtown Louisville.


For interested adoptive and foster moms who want to take a break from their usual routine, you can visit the official website of Together in the Trenches at to save your spot for this special event.

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