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By: Beth Puricelli

The fees associated with adoption can be costly. OCA spoke with two Kentuckiana families who give credit to God for providing financially for their adoption expenses.  Many people answered the call of God to assist financially for their expenses, here are their stories, we hope this will inspire you to pursue adoption, knowing God is able to do more than we can imagine, when it comes to affording adoption.

Matt and Kristi White of Henryville, Indiana have cared for their great nephew Montana since the age of seven months. Their desire has always been to adopt the now 6 year old.

The Whites have been through three prior adoptions including 2 step-parent adoptions and 1 kinship adoption. Kristi stated, “From our first three adoptions, we thought this too would be a lengthy and costly experience.” But that didn’t change her thoughts about making Montana a forever White.

Through an OCA adoption option class, the Whites learned that they could begin the process of adopting Montana. Members of their church, First Baptist Church of Henryville, united to organize a massive breakfast fundraiser in their church building. Budroes Family Restaurant, a local eatery known for its breakfast service, closed its doors that morning, instead directing its usual patrons to the adoption breakfast fundraiser. Local businesses also donated items for the breakfast. The church gym was flooded with yard sale and silent auction donations from friends and strangers who heard about the White’s story and felt called to act.

In just two months, the funds were raised in full for Montana’s adoption and the adoption was complete. Kristi reflected, “This process was so miraculous and we cannot deny that God allowed it to be so.”

This is the White family at their adoption finalization of Montana in the court room.

With the fruition of Montana’s adoption, other families in the Whites’ church have discovered the call to foster and adopt and the church has since started an adoption fund for their members. “Many people tell our children that they are so blessed to be adopted. But what is amazing to us is that they are so much bigger blessings to us than we to them,” expressed Kristi.

After being married for 15 years, Jeff and Rita Donohue began to pray about adoption. They were connected with a fellow Valley View Church member, and OCA volunteer, Angie Thompson, who encouraged them with her personal adoption journey. Three weeks after their conversation with Thompson, the Donohues were made aware of a birth mom due in just six months. They gladly accepted the placement, stepping out in faith, knowing that God would need to provide for the financial costs of the adoption.During their six month wait, God provided in a tangible way by allowing both Jeff and Rita to work overtime hours in their careers. “We were taking all of the extra income and dumping it into the adoption fund,” stated Rita.Their community helped in tremendous ways as they worked to raise the funds necessary for their adoption. They held fundraisers at local restaurants, had a giant yard sale, their Sunday school class collected money each week, and their Life Group sold candy bars. “It was unbelievable how our church family rallied around us,” stated Rita. A co-worker gave Jeff $800 for their expenses to travel to Utah to pick up their daughter. “Only God could move on someone’s heart that way to give us that much money,” Rita affirmed.

With their daughter, Kennedy, 17 months, now in their home, Rita reflects on the faith that was required knowing they needed God’s help with finances. “I felt like He was telling us to put our feet in the Jordan before He would part the water. At every turn He provided exactly what we needed.”

This is the day the Donohue family picked up their beautiful baby girl, Kennedy. Such a sweet moment.

In addition to adoption education, OCA also provides opportunities for financial assistance by means of a $4,000 matching grant and a 0% interest covenant loan up to $10,000. Through a partnership with Lifesong for Orphans, OCA provides matching grants and covenant loans to families adopting locally, nationally and internationally so more children can belong to a loving family. Partnering with Lifesong allows OCA to lower the financial burden for families who are adopting children. To apply for financial assistance, visit and download the joint OCA and Lifesong application. If you would like more information about starting an adoption grant/loan fund for your church congregation, contact OCA. For more information about the grants and loans offered through OCA, contact Heather Sewell.

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