Additional Resources

Empowered to Connect Parent Training

OCA trainers offer a 9 week training for adoptive and foster parents through Empowered to Connect that focuses on caring for kids from hard places. With resources developed by Michael and Amy Monroe, parents will discover a holistic understanding of the needs of their child that leads to a balanced approach to parenting with a focus on “compassionate discipline that both connects and corrects.” For more information, click here.

Life in Limbo

What’s it like to live in foster care? How does it feel when your child is taken from you? How do foster parents cope? Explore these and other questions as a participant of Life in Limbo. This 1 – 1.5 hour simulation is dynamic and moving. As a participant, you choose to be a child in care, a foster parent, or a birth parent. Emotions run high as the children feel anxiety, anger, and hope. Foster parents do all they can to provide a stable environment. Birth parents get real – how badly do they want their child back, and are they able to “get clean” and meet their treatment plan. Life in Limbo is a 90-minute role-play stimulation activity from Fostering Great Ideas that places participants in the world of foster care. Participants take the role of foster parent, biological parent or child, and stimulation facilitators guide them through the emotional, wavering process of foster care placement and post-placement trauma.

Discussion is robust and follow up is provided for those who want to do more.View our Life In Limbo video to preview the experience. Different perspectives are discovered through discussion and hands-on activities to give newfound insight of the impact foster care has on each party involved.

Life in Limbo is an excellent advocacy tool to help others understand what foster care is like. Want to host the stimulation to engage members of your church interested in foster care and adoption? Contact us to chat about scheduling the event at your church.

Heart Gallery

The Heart Gallery is a traveling photographic exhibit that features children in the Special Needs Adoption Program (SNAP) and foster care, respectively.

Each gallery contains professional photographs and biographies of children that need families. This gallery can be reserved and set up in churches, businesses and community centers to raise awareness of local children in need of a home.

Bring these shining stars and warm hearts to your church or office and begin engaging your congregation or colleagues in a new way. Reserve the gallery today through the state.

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