About H3

OCA seeks to equip Christians caring for the fatherless and connect them to opportunities to serve. This conference will equip those who are already caring for kids from hard places, with the hope to provide encouragement and tools to connect to these children on a deeper level. We long to see all children grow up in secure attachments and trauma-free homes!

What is H3?

Orphan Care Alliance, together with Highview Baptist, hosts the Help, Hope, Heal Conference (H3).  H3 has sessions designed to support, inform and inspire everyone who touches on the lives of “kids from hard places”.

Kids from hard places

This phrase is used to describe children who have been exposed to abuse, neglect or trauma during their lives.  Including, children who have experienced prenatal exposure to drugs, alcohol or high levels of stress, difficult labor or birth, or medical trauma.

Who Should Attend this Conference?

Anyone caring for kids from hard places is welcome to attend. This dynamic conference not only aims to equip parents, but teachers, relatives, and anyone else who works closely with children from hard places.

  • Parents of adopted children

  • Current Foster parents

  • Pastors and Church leaders longing to understand how to connect with families in their congregation who care for kids from hard places

  • Youth workers, Teachers, Principals

  • Social Workers & Case Workers

  • Child Therapists & Psychologists

  • Anyone exploring adoption options or longing to care for children

What Kind of Conference is This?

We are unashamedly Jesus-centered and the gospel will be the foundation from which everything flows. We partner with local churches and resources to bring your the most honest answers to your questions in regards to daily and ongoing care of children from hard places.

Why is this Conference Important?

As OCA dives deeper into the community to understand the needs of those who care for children, the number one need we see is for Equipping and Education for those who are struggling to connect or attach to children in their lives. This conference will equip the community with resources from local therapists to a network of families like yourself. H3 will also provide educational tools to build deeper attachments with children and provide resources for pastors and educators to learn how to care for families caring for these children from hard places.

When is this Conference Occurring?

This annual conference takes place each year in the Fall and seeks to bring in new educators and breakout sessions each year to provide ongoing annual support and education to attendees.


Highview Baptist Church

7711 Fegenbush Lane,  Louisville, KY  40228


Parking is free and plentiful at Highview!

Conference Details

Why Register?

Connecting with a child from a hard place is difficult and we understand those difficulties.  At H3, you will hear the latest on connecting and caring for these kids, as well as how to help them on their journey to healing.  Join together with others who understand and gain a renewed sense of hope.

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