A Grateful Heart

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July 21, 2011

Dear Mr. Darren Washausen,

Wow!! Is all I can say at this moment? There are no words to express exactly how I feel deep down inside. I have tears of joy and heart felt love for all the hard work, sweat, time, energy, love and prayers that the Orphan Care Alliance put into building me a Ramp.

Bruce , Roger, Norm, Nathan, and Glenn I have so much respect for you men for the work you are doing for others and sill praising God as you give back to those in need. You all are my ram in the brush. Before Betty B. contacted Mr. Talford King and asked him if he knew someone that could possible build a ramp, I had had so many doors closed in my face. I called several place and the answer continue to be no or it would be over a year. That is when “Orphan Care Alliance” contact person Mr. Williford and said that they would be happy to come build me a ramp. All I could do was cry.

Mr. Williford came to the rehab facility which I was in to show me the blue print of the ramp which was to be built. All while keeping god in the mist by praying for me. Once, I was home Mr. Williford came by for a second look at the ramp and to tell me what day they would be able to build my ramp. They were on time believe me.

My ramp is so beautiful that everyone that comes over want to walk up and down the ramp. Having this ramp kept me from feeling like a prisoner in my own home, by not being able to go outside.

I am so grateful Bruce C., Roger B., Nathan C., Glenn C., and Norm R. for all the love, sweat, energy, time and all the time you spent raising the funds in order that a ramp could be built for me. Thank you is not enough for the work of love which you do. But one thing I do know is that you will get your heavenly reward.

I am grateful for things that you have done; yes I am grateful for the victories we won. I could go on and on, and on about your work; but again I say with heart felt love for each of you……….. Thank You!


Margie King

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