A call for perseverance and prayer for the fatherless

Posted by Heather Sewell on February 13, 2014  /   Posted in Orphan Care

In the first few years of my involvement with Orphan Care Alliance, I identified January and February as a “slow time.”  It is quite to the contrary this year as OCA finds itself running through doors opened by our great God and feeling He is moving much faster than ever before.


By: Darren Washausen @OCA_Darren

Our Board of Directors prays that God would use this regional alliance in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.  We are seeing prayers answered.  Churches and partners from Scottsburg, Bardstown, and Lexington are contacting OCA about being in their cities, towns, and churches.  What a blessing!  We find ourselves connected to a growing movement in Louisville called One City, One Church where God is clearly moving.  We received the Community Service award from DCBS here in Louisville last year and our partnership with Boys and Girls Haven continues to strengthen.  And may the Glory be to God!

It is one thing to be called and another to faithfully execute the mission of Orphan Care Alliance.  There are many challenges on this journey as we strive to equip Christians and connect them to care for the fatherless… God’s children.  In this noisy world we must be creative using our resources to alert Christians for the children who need them, and pray they will be called by God to enter the mission field as support volunteers, caregivers of children, or financial providers.  We look for faithful and dedicated leaders who have the persistence and perseverance to fight the good fight when there are attacks and challenges ahead.  We are hopeful and confident as we follow God’s lead.

We ask that you join us in prayer for the following:

  • The children–that the children who are in hard places in our region can have hope and know that they are loved by our great God.
  • The OCA ministry and leadership–that OCA will continue to be God led.
  • That God would bless the hub offices of OCA–offices that are beginning in Bardstown, Lexington, and Scottsburg, Indiana as He calls OCA to these cities, towns and churches.
  • For support–for God to lift up a Development Director and enable us to receive support to grow this ministry in Kentucky and Southern Indiana under His guidance
  • The Churches of Kentucky and southern Indiana–that God will call Christians from the churches to unite and serve in the life coaching of teens, the caring of families in crisis through Safe Families, or by becoming CASA workers, foster or adoptive parents.

We hope you will prayerfully consider your role and help us to communicate our Safe Families campaign beginning Friday, February 14th.   14 Families in 14 Days 


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