3 Reasons to Golf in the 2016 Compassion Cup

Posted by Heather Sewell on August 16, 2016  /   Posted in Fundraiser


Need a reason to golf? Here are three.

Fore Bill

The 2016 William “Bill” Karem Compassion Cup is honoring a man who valued family. Bill cherished his wife of 53 years, loved young children and golfing was one of his favorite hobbies when the grandkids were busy. He was accepting, kindhearted and “near perfect,” as his family described him. He had his quirks. He wore ugly sweaters and was enthralled by his heritage. All the while, he was a well-loved man and loved others well. Here are three reasons to golf in this year’s Compassion Cup in honor of Bill Karem!

Fore Kids

OCA equips Christians and connects them with opportunities to care for vulnerable children. From adoption support to life coaching foster youth, OCA desires to see every child experience the love of a family. There are over 400 thousand children in the United States living without permanent families and 153 million children in need of family, shelter and care. Golf for these kids. 

 Fore Families

Kids are just one component of a family, and a great reason to golf. Through care ministries, OCA provides resources to strengthen and preserve families. Our ministries strive to keep children out of the care of the State. One of our ministries, OCA Families, stands alongside families in crisis and provides biblical hospitality to children that are at-risk of entering foster care. OCA Connect helps support families who have adopted to help provide resources and guidance, as they love and care for kids from hard places. 

Convinced? We thought you would be. To register for the 2016 William “Bill” Karem Compassion Cup, click here. 

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