2017 Trenches Speaker & Sessions

Maralee Bradley has been a mother to 23 kids over the last 12 years:  17 group home kids, 3 children adopted from foster care, 2 biological kids and 1 internationally adopted child.
She is passionate about loving kids for hard places and equipping others to love them well, too.  This passion expresses itself in her writing at amusingmaralee.com and has been featured on sites like ScaryMommy, The Mighty, & The Forgotten Initiative.  She has also been profiled in The Washington Post.  Maralee has provided content for Christian radio stations across Nebraska and the nationally syndicated television program, “MomsEveryday.”  This is  on top of her day job raising six kids, facilitating support, education and advocacy for foster parents through her partnership with Christian Heritage Foster Care.
Maralee knows that she can’t personally raise every child who needs a home (at least that’s what her husband keeps telling her), so she is excited to provide encouragement, support and resources to those who are on this same journey.

Breakout Sessions

These breakout sessions are for your enjoyment! Should you choose to forego these options, please enjoy some free time.

Session 1

Safe Place, Renee Witkowski

Have you come to retreat with a heavy heart? Are there circumstances in your life that you feel are too much to bear? Then this is the place for you! Come sit with other women as each listen and share. Renee, a Life Coach with Empowered Calling, may also provide some helpful wisdom and insight along the way. Come be encouraged, prayers for, and supported by one another. This is a Safe Place.

Renew through Art, Becky Raver

Join us as we learn how to express our stories, hope and victories through art. You will create a keepsake work of art that will be a visual testimony to your journey and how God has been ever present to guide, love and care for your through it all. (Limited to 20 women)

Refresh with Hand Massage, Corrine Paul

Come learn to give and receive hand massages as we explore the art of massage therapy. We will practice techniques used for relaxation, tension reduction, and calming. You will leave our time together thoroughly relaxed and equipped with the skills to continue to use massage to restore yourself and others. Come enjoy a relaxing element of self-care.

Session 2

Essential Oils & Self Care, Tiffany Marshall

Come learn and experience how you and your family can benefit from essential oils as part of a healthy lifestyle. You will be pampered with Young Living Products, DIY’s infused with essential oils, and giveaways! (Limited to 20 women)

Relaxation through crochet, Verna Wiseman

Have you ever wanted to learn to crochet? Come jump into self-care with a new skill as you express your creativity and enjoy the fulfillment of watching something you do grow row-by-row until its complete! Attendees will be given all they need to start a simple project that they will hopefully continue at home. Hand outs and additional resources will be provided. It is sure to be a fun time! (Limited to 20 women)

Making Self Care a Reality, a Formula for Change, Renee Witkowski

In this workshop, you will experience laughter, sharing and support as we uncover some of the barriers to caring for ourselves. We will look at the cost of not taking time out to recharge and how stress can affect us and our family. Next, we will look to the future and envision the benefits of rest and refreshment, while also planning first steps in developing our self-care plan. Come ready to be inspired to make self-care a reality.

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